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General 80th Links

  • From the Center for Military History
    Chronological history of 80th; commanders; attachments and detachments.

  • Terry D. Janes "The Troubleshooter's"
    The untold story of how the 702nd Tank Battalion “Red Devils” & The 80th Infantry Division “Blue Ridgers” teamed up to crush the toughest obstacles that Hitler’s German Army could devise and throw in front of General George Patton’s Third Army. From Normandy to the “Bloody Moselle”, The Battle Of The Bulge, liberating two Nazi Holocaust death camps, discovering Hitler’s secret stolen treasure, firing the last official shots of World War Two, these brave Americans did it all.

  • Phil Smith's incredible NPR story about his father, Sgt. Percy Smith, G-317
    Sgt. Percy Smith (left) fought under Gen. George Patton in World War II -- and was a voluminous letter writer. Smith's son Phil didn't discover the letters until the 1980s, shortly before Percy Smith's death. For Weekend Edition Sunday, the son describes rediscovering his father -- and the whole wartime generation -- through the letters. This is a wonderful heartfelt story (3rd story down, titled "One Son's Legacy: A Soldier's Letters Home", about 18 minutes audio.

  • Horace Logan McBride, Lieutenant General, United States Army
    Biography of General McBride, provided by Roger Nelson to the Arlington National Cemetery Website.

  • World War II at the Sauer River Area
    Extensive website including many photos and historical information about the 80th Division (and others) at the Sauer River Area.

  • 305th Engineer Combat Battalion
    Lone Sentry web site with photos and history.

  • 80th Division World War II Medal of Honor
    Four men from the 80th Division were awarded the Medal of Honor during WWII:
  • Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge
    The official online home of the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge.

  • Front Seat to War
    Carl Henry was in the 80th Division, first as an enlisted man in the 319th Inf Reg, then commissioned as a Warrant Officer in the 305th Engineer Battalion. His daughter, Diane Mara Henry, created this website in honor of her father.

  • WWI 313th Machine Gun Battalion (Andrew Capets)
    I am currently searching for information about men of the 313th Machine Gun Battalion, 80th Division, who served in World War I. As we near the 100th Anniversary of their participation in this conflict, I am compiling several stories to share with others who want to learn more about their ancestors service in WWI. Please contact me if you would like to contribute ANY information or photos about the men of the 313th Machine Gun Battalion.

Additional 3rd Army Units

Battle of Argentan Links

  • Northern France
    From the Center for Military History - a detailed description with photos and maps of the first few months in the ETO.

  • Argentan
    From Terry J. Danes excellent site, The Troubleshooters.

  • Mémorial de Coudehard - Montormel (French version)
    Website of the battle of Falaise museum, in France
    . Currently in French, soon to be in English.

Moselle River Crossing Links

  • Rhineland
    From the Center for Military History - a detailed description with photos and maps of fighting in the ETO, 15 September 1944-21 March 1945.

  • Bloody Moselle
    From Terry D. Janes' fantastic site: "Patton's Troubleshooters" this is one of the online chapters in his remarkable book.

  • 150th Combat Engineer Battalion
    Photos and additional information about Bailey Bridges, including those built for crossing the Moselle River.

  • American Drive to the Moselle
    From the Warfare History Network, this article by Allyn Vannoy was first published in the August 2016 edition of WWII Quarterly.

Battle of the Bulge Links

Buchenwald Links