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WWII Veteran Video Interviews


During the 2001 80th Division Veterans Association Annual Meeting in Hampton, VA (August 24-25, 2001), COL(ret) Grant Porter sat down with several 80th Division WWII Veterans and recorded their stories. This project was carried through by MG(ret) John P. McLaren and COL(ret) Brydon Jackson. These extraordinary interviews of the men who fought with the 80th Division during WWII will never be forgotten.

Thanks to all who were a part of capturing this amazing video Oral History Project.

    Angelo Barone Co L, 317th Inf Reg
Story of being captured by Germans. Wounded Sep 5, 1944 at Pont-a-Moussonabout about 9p. Germans captured them the next day, Sep 6. Described being shelled by Allies in the barn, killing some Germans and Lt. Ferguson. Germans took them to Metz, then to Frankfurt Germany; 13 men operated on by German doctors; stayed about 4 weeks. From there, took them to Limburg (hospital) then to Mooseburg, then to Munich for work detail.
11m, 16s
    Lloyd Bowes 1st Bn, Co A, Co C, Svc Co, S-4, 319th Inf Reg
Story about being fired upon by friendly forces.
1m, 36s
    Ed Bredbenner - 1 Co B, 318th Inf Reg
Story about heading into the Battle of the Bulge; attack on Ettlebruck. Loss of officers, sergeants; up to and attack of Bastogne. Fighting in extreme weather conditions. Wounded, sent back to aid station; shot down during evacuation to England.
5m, 5s
    Ed Bredbenner - 2 German soldiers surrendering at end of the war. 2m, 15s
    Bob Burrows Hq Co, 2d Bn, 317th Inf Reg
Story about joining 2d Bn Christmas Eve, 1944 (Feulen, LUX). Miserable conditions (cold, deep 10" snow) & tough enemy. Small patrols (Kehmen); attack at 4:30am. Co E & Co F (attack); Co G in reserve (100 yards behind); last round landed in command group; killed Col Boydstun, Lt. Clark (Forward Observer), Hursh (sp?, radioman), Ernie Form (sp?), Capt Miller (Co F).
5m, 53s
    Don Davis Co K, 319th Inf Reg
Story of capture by Germans (Sep 27, 1944). Forward observation post; five (5) GIs in a barn with limited visibility; near Pont-a-Mousson (Port-sur-Seille); transported to Straasburg, Stalag 12A, Stalag 7A. Worked on German railroad during winter 44/45. Singing Christmas Carols with Germans. Liberated by 99th Division on April 20, 1945.
9m, 37s
    Lou Engelke - 1 80th MP Platoon 13m, 39s
    Lou Engelke - 2 23m, 30s
    Lou Engelke - 3 12m, 10s
    Frank Gerone 1st Bn, 319th Inf Reg
Story about Sgt Catalge (sp?) busted from Sgt to Pvt (Moorsville, France), Oct 2, 1944. Lt Freske, Sgt Bolt, Sgt King, Cpl Hicks all wounded during firefight. Described Our River crossing with 13 men in a boat, capsized.
5m, 40s
    Bill Lainge Co G, 319th Inf Reg
Story about Sauer River crossing Feb 8, 1945, capture of a German pillbox.
3m, 58s
    Renaldo Martin Co A, 318th Inf Reg 19m, 30s
    Bob Murrell Co M, 318th Inf Reg
Story about originally being attached to 2d Ranger Bn, but being transferred to 80th Division (MG water-cooled). Described his first time seeing "what war was all about:" lost three men during Argentan to mortar attack. While at Mousson Hill - a buddy who stated, "I'm tired of digging in." He didn't dig in, and was KIA that night. Described horid conditions of Battle of Bulge, Ettlebruck, loss of men.
5m, 02s
    Gerald Meyers - 1 Co G, 317th Inf Reg 34m, 47s
    Gerald Meyers - 2 Co G, 317th Inf Reg 35m, 33s
    Dempsey Pappas AT Co, 317th Inf Reg
Story about speaking to students in Kansas City; questions from students: "Would you do it again?" "How did it change your life?"
2m, 00s
    Eric Reilinger Hq Co, 3d Bn, 317th Inf Reg
Story about being captured by Germans; crossed Seille River on Nov 8, 1944. In charge of Radio Squad in Hq Co. Wounded a couple of times during this action. Germans treated his wounds in a barn; evacuated to a German hospital in Metz, then to St. Avold. Ended up in a prison camp in Straasburg (temporary Stalag) Nov 17.
14m, 50s
    Robert Smith Co K, 317th Inf Reg
Story about closing the gap at Argentan (walked through 1st Bn 318th; seeing 80th men who had been KIA). Described the move in mid-Dec to Luxembourg for the Battle of the Bulge. Company Commander at the time; awarded the DSC during the Battle of the Bulge, in and around Kehman (Dec 24-26): went to find a lost platoon that was separated, bringing them back to the Company. Wounded four (4) times during the war. Wounded at Kehmen on Dec 26, 1944, returned back to England, USA.
6m, 59s
    Jerry Spellman Hq Co, 3d Bn, Med Det, 317th Inf Reg
Story about being the first 80th Division replacement. Wounded toward the end of the Battle of the Bulge. Wounded again & sent home.
1m, 36s
    Paul & Alice Wiedorfer
January 5, 2002

Co G, 318th Inf Reg
Congressional Medal of Honor

58m, 37s

80th Division WWI & WWII Archival Footage
Thanks to COL(ret) Grant Porter and MAJ Hokes for putting these amazing footages together with commentary.

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