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80th Division Digital Archives

80th Infantry Division

2012 Annual Reunion - Baltimore MD
COL Grant Porter
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2012 Annual Meeting - 25 Aug 12
80th Division Veterans Assn Banquet

318-F Group Photo

Abe Barone & Max Schmidt
After Banquet - 25 Aug 12

Ard & Doris Wollett, Grant Porter,
Pete & Donna Herbert
on Boat Cruise at Sunset - 23 Aug 12

Burt Marsh & Son - 23 Aug 12

Denali Porter, Sybil Futch,
Caroline Naylor - 24 Aug 12


Dick & Denali Porter

On the Boat Sunset Cruise
23 Aug 12
Grant, Denali & Dick Porter

Grant Porter, Jim Gentry
Jari Villanueva

Jim & Jerry Christian
Archer & Bill Futch
John Echrich & Son
on Boat Sunset Cruise

Ladies of the 80th - 25 Aug 12
Laverne & Margaret Schock

Lee Anthony Salutes Wreath
at Memorial Service - 25 Aug 12
Lee and Grant After Banquet
25 Aug 12

Maryland NG Honor Guard
at 80th DVA Memorial Service
On the Boat - 23 Aug 12

CSM (R) Doris Wollett at
Memorial Service
The Gentrys

Walt Spangler & Burt Marsh
with Wreath at Memorial Service