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World War I Photos

    World War II Photos - 317th Infantry Regiment
  • A.Z. Adkins Collection (317th, H Company)
    A.Z. Adkins, Jr. was a mortar platoon leader in Company H, 317th Infantry Regiment, 80th Division during World War II. He, along with his son, is also author of the book, "You Can't Get Much Closer Than This: Combat with Company H, 317th Infantry Regiment, 80th Division," published by Casemate Publications.

  • Jeff Giambrone Collection (317th)
    An avid WW II collector, Jeff picked up a collection of 50 photographs taken by an officer in the 80th Infantry Division. While the officer who owned these photographs never identifies himself by name, he does identify his comrades, and the ones he has been able to find information on all belonged to the 317th Infantry Regiment. He is hoping that if the photos are put on the web, someone will be able to indentify the officer who owned the pictures, and some of the men in them, many of whom are only identified by last name. Some of the pictures were taken in 1944 when the unit was still in the United States, but the majority are taken in 1945 after the fighting ended.

  • Collection of Terry Baugher
    Pan shot of 1941 Company D, 317th Infantry Regiment at Ft. Dix.

  • Victor T. "Slick" Bannerman Collection (317th, H Company)

  • Don Richards Collection (317th, F Company; 317th, HQ)
    Don Richards was a replacement officer, arriving in the ETO in August 1944 and initially assigned to Company F, 317th Infantry Regiment, 80th Division. He was wounded in September 1944 and upon his return, he was assigned to 317th Infantry Regiment HQ.

  • Collection of Sue Mason
    Sue Mason's father, Martin Mason, was the mail clerk for Company F, 317th Infantry Regiment.

  • Collection of Sue Mason - Soldier Portraits
    Sue Mason, daughter of Martin Mason (T/5 mail clerk of Company F, 317th Infantry Regiment) sent some photos that were in an old checkbook box that her father always kept next to his chair. On one side of the box the stack of pictures faced up and the other side the stack faced down. When he would hear of the death of one of these men, he would turn their picture over.

  • Christen Collection, Leo & Jim (317th, G Company)

  • Robert Kimmel Collection
    Company I, 317th Infantry Regiment, 80th Division.

  • Collection of PFC Jack M. Buchanan
    The pictures were taken at the Lakeview Rest Camp – 317th Infantry Regiment, Weissensee, Germany. I believe the camp is actually located in Austria.

  • Collection of Paul Stutts
    Photos of Paul's father: James A Stutts, HQ Co, 1st Bn, 317th Infantry Regiment.

  • Carol Huprich Collection
    Carol's father: Staff Sgt. Harold T. Deselms, Service Co., 317th Infantry Regiment, 80th Division.

  • Collection of Capt. Edward Washington Stewart, Jr., 317th Svc. Co.
    Capt. Stewart was commissioned in June 1935, following graduation from the Oak Ridge Military Institute (Greensboro, NC). He received the Bronze Star, four Campaign Stars on his ETO Medal, and the Combat infantryman's Badge for his WWII service. After the war, he remained in the Reserves, joined the National Guard in the early 1950s (119th Regt. of the 30th Division), and passed away in 1970 at the age of 55. Photos provided by his son, CWO3(R) Ed Stewart, USCG, of Kennesaw, GA.

  • Collection of Burton Smith
    Burton Smith's dad (Burton Smith) was a medic in 317th Cannon Company.

  • Collection of Matthew Gibbs
    Matthew Gibbs' grandfather (Seymour Miller) fought at Mousson Hill for the 317th Company L. Seymour "Stretch" Miller provided several typed pages of memoirs.

WWII Photos - 318th Infantry Regiment


WWII Photos - 319th Infantry Regiment

  • Collection of Leonard "Bud" Hanline - WARNING: Graphic Buchenwald Images
    Bud Hanline was with the 319th Hq Company and took these photos. As he stated so eloquently in his letter to Dr. Lee Anthony, "May the likes of this never happen again. May those who suffered have peace. May God's justice be with those still living who were involved in this. I am only a small man doing as I was told to do. I took these pictures agains the U.S. Orders."

  • Collection of Bobby G. Mays
    Provided by Stan, Linda, Carol, and Garland, Bobby Mays' children and Brian Mays, grandson of Bobby Mays - 319th Infantry Regiment, Co B.
  • Collection of Jim Trowbridge
    Jim's father, Robert L. Trowbridge, was in 319th/Co E. photos courtesy of Jim Trowbridge.

  • Collection of Kenneth Barnett
    Ken Barnett's uncle, PFC Adolph H. Johnson, was in 319th G Company. This is a panoramic photo of the company while at Ft. Dix, NJ. PFC Johnson was KIA at Letricourt, France on 1 NOV 1944.

WWII Photos - 80th Infantry Division

  • Ed Gallagher Collection (Father, Sgt Philip Gallagher, 80th Hq Co)
    There are about 100 photos with captions taken from camps in Kansas, Arizona, plus France, Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg.

  • 1st Lt Arnold E. Samuelson Collection (U.S. Army Signal Corps)
    80th Division photos are numbers 4, 5, 18-22, 29, 35-38, 40-42 and were taken at Liezen, May 11. (The captions are wrong, read Liezen for Linz).

  • Richard Aigner Collection
    Richard Aigner's aunt took all the photos on a single occasion. The location is main square at Liezen, Austria facing south. The Enns bridge where the meeting with the Russians took place is about a mile further south.

  • Jean Muller (Luxembourg) Collection
    Jean Muller is a Luxembourger historian, concentrating on 1900 - 1945. He is a great friend of the 80th Division Veterans Association and has taken many veterans and/or their families to actual locations of where the veteran's battle took place. He has uncovered dozens of artifacts over the years and asks nothing in return. Here are a few of the items he has unearthed.

  • Critical Past
    A site that provides tons of videos and images. These two links are for 80th Division videos: one at Spittal, Austria and three from the meeting with the Russians at Leizen, Austria.

  • Chuck Foertmeyer Colection
    My father was in the 80th Division, 305th Medical Battalion, during WWII. During the occupation in many cities in Germany, including the Ebensee Concentration Camp, the Biessenhofen POW camp, Bad Wörishofen, Munich, etc., he took about 500 photographs.

WWII Photos - Field Artillery Battalions


WWII Photos - 167th Signal Corps

  • T-4 J. Malan Heslop Collection (U.S. Army Signal Corps, 167 Signal Photographic Company) The following numbers are the ID-numbers; the 80th Division photos are easier to find by their running number (the one on the left of the photo). Numbers 69 - 71, 478 - 479, 1094, 1116, 1118 - 1119, 1183, 1268 - 1269.

  • 167th Signal Corps
    A four part video, "Documenting the Path of the American Liberators." The last 60 seconds of the 4th video shows the Americans meeting the Russians at the Enns River.