You Can't Get Much Closer Than This  
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Excerpts: Chapter 2 – First Taste of Battle
In a letter to my mom and dad, dated Thursday, August 24, 1944, I wrote, "Mom & Dad, I have been doing a little fighting lately, and have been in one major battle. You probably read about it in the papers. I came through it without a scratch. I have been "baptized" to fire, so now I know all the tricks. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. I am a good soldier, love and believe in my God and my family and therefore I will be home before very long. All you have to do is pray for me and everything will be alright." What I didn't tell them was I had killed my first German. While I'm sure my mortars had dropped on the enemy several times, killing them, this was the first time I killed a man with my rifle. There wasn't much to it, as I think about it.
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