You Can't Get Much Closer Than This  
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Excerpts: Chapter 10 – The Relentless, Bitter Cold Winter
Daylight brought a snowstorm with it. We were to attack in a column of companies, the only way to attack over such terrain. Mac, my runner, and I went up with Lieutenant Damkowitch. Sergeant Koors had the mortars behind Company G. We had only gone a little ways when things started getting worse. I am not exaggerating when I say that the slope of the hills we were trying to cross was just a little less than vertical. It was covered with trees and there were several feet of snow on the ground. After a few people had walked on the snow and packed it down, it was as slick as glass. One could only take a few steps without slipping. The only way to move halfway decently was to pull yourself up by grasping trees.

. . .

The men were miserable, their strength was gone, and their morale was at its lowest ebb. Their bodies were racked with pain from the cold. If a man had any water at all in his canteen, it was frozen solid and there was no way to thaw it out. Their hands had no strength in them from the cold and it took two of them quite some time to open one K-ration in an inside pocket next to their body. In that way, the meat would thaw out. We ate handfuls of snow to quench our thirst, but the snow, as always, tasted flat and did not help. Kad and I crawled into a hole under a blanket to wait out the night. I pulled out my flashlight and my Bible and read the 91st Psalm. Dad said read it and I would come home. I prayed continually in combat. That's why I'm alive today. But this particular night I prayed a little differently. I asked God to protect us throughout the night, because we didn't have the strength to protect ourselves. No Krauts got through our lines that night.

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