You Can't Get Much Closer Than This  
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Excerpts: Chapter 11 – The Siegfried Line
The river was swollen many feet above its normal level and the current was very swift. It didn't look good at all. The river wasn't normally that wide, but an unusually early warm spell had thawed the snow, causing the river to swell to about twice its normal size and flow at about ten miles per hour. While we were in the CP one of our men came in soaking wet. He had gone over on an engineer raft. The current was so strong that it tore the raft to pieces and several of his men had drowned.

. . .

Max Kelly was having a hell of a time getting into the second little town. The Krauts had a lot of machine guns, and Max had to cross a couple of hundred yards of open ground. The only way to do it was to go in with artillery and mortar support. I fired smoke to provide cover for our attacking troops, and the artillery fired HE. It was a pretty sight. Max and his boys charged with bayonets. It looked as if they hit the edge of the town the same time as the smoke and HE.

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