You Can't Get Much Closer Than This  
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Excerpts: Chapter 13 – Marching Onward
We were walking down the middle of the street when it happened. I'd been under lots of fire, but this was the most concentrated and terrorizing that I had encountered. We heard the artillery coming, and right behind the artillery came rockets. Not screaming meemies, just rockets. The weird sound they made could pierce your soul. We learned later that they were 150mm and 300mm rockets. The barrage lasted for several minutes, and the whole town vibrated. Mac and I dove for what we thought was a cellar, but after we got in it we saw it was only a barn. Mac landed in a manure pile and right above him was a raking machine. The concussion bounced us up and down. When Mac went up he would catch his face in the rake, and when he came down he would land in the manure pile.
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