You Can't Get Much Closer Than This  
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Excerpts: Chapter 17 – Nuremberg
We left Burglesan on the morning of April 23 and moved to Nuremberg to relieve the 3d Infantry Division. Nuremberg was beaten to a pulp. It had formerly been a walled-in city with a moat around it—a medieval jewel no longer, courtesy of Mr. Hitler.

. . .

Nuremberg was the seat of Nazism. The town was full of stadiums, sportzplatz, and parade fields where Hitler and his buddies could gather thousands of their followers together for a real Nazi pow-wow. I had some men, Private First Class Terribilini, Sergeant McQuain, and Private Ford who had Bronze Stars coming to them, so the colonel decided to have a parade, complete with marching music over a PA system, right where Hitler used to parade his would-be world conquerors. I always did like a parade, especially when we could march to the tune of "What do they do in the Infantry?"

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