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Testimonials: John Quinn | August 16, 1984

Dear Andy

I received the diary and your letter on Saturday the 4th. The diary is beyond praising, it’s terrific. I never really knew the route the 317th Co. H took thu Fr. Ger. & Luxembourg and was surprised how you could remember so much.

While reading the diary it brought back many memories, some sad, some laughable. Thinking how lucky, we, who came home were.

Andy, I’ll never forget your coming into Sivry to get us out. How you make it into town I’ll never know. We were watching you all the way and saying a prayer that nothing happened to you.

Andy, as you know N.Y. has some cold weather at times and I hate it. To think how we ever stood those many months living in the snow and mud, rain, I’ll never know.

Andy I have to confess something that happened during our going through France. One night we stopped in a town to sleep overnight. The jeeps brought to us the sleeping bags. Someone told us to take any one. To my surprise I picked Lt. Leonard’s. Upon opening the bag, to my surprise, smack in the middle of it was a bottle of scotch. Needless to say he never got it back.

As you probably know, I conked out in Krutchen. Hildebrand and I had a room in this house with very nice people. For three days the woman would put hot bricks in our bed, covered with a big quilt, it was beautiful, really living. Then after 3 days, I couldn’t breath. I went to the aid station and was told I had pneumonia. Capt. Farrell was there at the time and he said to me, Quinn, stay back there as long as you can.

When I recovered completely, I was shipped back to Co. H. By that time it was almost over. Thank God!

Andy I noticed in the diary that you prayed quite often. I’ll never forget how many times I prayed. In the Catholic religion we have a St. Michael. I made it a point to pray to St. Michael the arch angel defend us in battle. Like a little thing I say in a magazine. There are no atheists in foxholes.

John Quinn
August 16, 1984

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