David McMillan Collection
318th Supply Company, 80th Division, World War I



I inherited a picture of the SUPPLY COMPANY 318th INFANTRY, 80th DIVISION, A.E.F., taken in France, May 1919 along with an accompanying numbered roster. My great-granduncle, Harman H. Hall, is included in the photo which has 156 men listed on the roster (roster below). The photo has corresponding numbers so you can identify the men. Most of the numbers are on their hats, with a few on the men's chests. The roster is an exact transcription with any spelling errors maintained. (Click on image to enlarge)


A picture of my great-granduncle, William Harmon Hall [#137 in the Company picture], which I believe was probably taken before he was shipped to Europe. The lady on the right is "Tula Hatcher". I do not know who the woman on the left is. (Click on image to enlarge)


The Roster of the Supply Company of 318th Infantry Regiment, 80th Infantry Division, World War I.
(Click on image for full test PDF Roster.)